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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors in 2019

There’s no argument that hardwood floors make an upscale statement in the home. They not only add value, but they offer tons of options in style and functionality. While the benefits are plenty, there are a few specifics we favor here at Advantage Hardwood, Calgary. Take a look at our top five reasons to choose hardwood floors in 2019.

1. Healthy Living

Over 50 percent of the Canadian population suffers from some type of allergy, and the most common allergens live right in the home. Floors, especially carpeted ones, are typically a haven for all sorts of allergens and germs ranging from dropped food, tracked-in dirt, pet dander, and even chemicals. Hardwood flooring is one of the healthiest options because it’s virtually allergen-free.

2. Cleaning Made Easy

Wood floors are not hard to take care of, as long as you know what you’re doing. They have no fibers to trap dirt so you can either sweep or vacuum them. Use a soft broom to sweep, and once a year give your floors a buffing with a quality wood floor cleaner. This eliminates germs, dust mites, pet dander and house dust.

3. A Variety of Choices

Each variety of hardwood is going to have its own grain, color and physical characteristics. There are also different grades of wood and each of those looks unique. Wide and narrow planks are available, according to your preference and decor. If the choices are confusing, the experts at Advantage Hardwood can give you valuable insights into the right floor for your needs.

4. The Longevity Factor

One of the main reasons hardwood floors are an attractive investment is that they last for decades. If you’ve taken care of them, your hardwood floors will be good as new when you sell your home and for many more years down the road. In comparison, carpeting will need replacement in about five years and vinyl floors show wear within two to three years.

5. ROI Makes Wood Floors Worth the Cost

Hardwood floors are going to cost you more initially, but they’ll also provide a strong ROI (return on investment). Your home is immediately worth more and therefore, a better resale value. Realtors confirm that a home with wood flooring not only sells faster, but that many home buyers won’t even look at homes that don’t have them.

To get the most value from your hardwood floors, proper hardwood floor installation is important. Let the expert team at Advantage Hardwood in Calgary get the job done right.

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