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A Few Good Good Reasons for Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring, when properly taken care, can last as many as 100 years.

Refinished hardwood floor can also help update the look of a home, allowing for changes in color and style to any room. It does not matter if your goal is to update a space for the purpose of selling or a redecorating project, refinishing your floor can create a completely different look and feel in a room.

Hardwood flooring should be refinished at least one time in their time lifetime. There are many reasons to do this, but mainly it is a proactive step in protecting your investment. Often people decide to refinish their wood floors to eliminate scratches, stains and dents. Some of these minor issues can be fixed individually but over time the floor will not be able to withstand damage from traffic. At this point refinishing and protecting the floor is a good idea.

Refinishing do it yourself projects can be a big undertaking for people. It is always advised to get assistance from a professional to insure that the floor is not damaged.

The biggest upside of refinishing is cost. No need to pay for expensive removal and installation of new flooring – just get it sanded down by a professional and have a new coat of finish applied. You can of course attempt to do this yourself but be careful – the process requires attention to detail and some degree of skill and you can permanent damage to your floor if equipment is incorrectly used When it comes to sanding and staining, it takes a professional with years of experience to do the job right and when done incorrectly can destroy even the best hardwood floor.

There are tools available and new advancements in refinishing products in recent years. Time spent away from your home has drastically reduced with some of the new products, and they are also safer; allowing residents to have peace of mind knowing the quality of air after a refinishing project is much better for them and their families. Take advantage of the VOC Free and LOW VOC products on the market and get informed.

Refinishing floors in your home can be done for a number of reasons. Updating the style or redecorating, protecting your hardwood flooring or simply getting ready to sell your home. Before starting this project it is always important to get in touch with your local hardwood floor professional and get their help in deciding how best to proceed. Some people may find that they may be able to complete the project on their own, but could use some assistance working out a plan and getting a professional opinion. Other people may benefit from having an experienced professional refinish their floor. Either way there is help our there.

Most flooring professionals, including Advantage Hardwood offer consolations for free and will help you make a plan based on your needs, wants, home and property. This will help you not only save time and money, but make sure that your are getting the result you want in the end.

For more info and free estimate, contact us today at 403 995 9779...Advantage Flooring, serving Calgary, and area..


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