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Advantage Flooring restores the luster to residential and commercial hardwood floors. Our unique process brings back the beauty of your hardwood floors without the dust and time of traditional hardwood floor refinishing. It’s the economical and hassle free solution for renewing hardwood floors while maintaining and protecting the beautiful sheen that makes your hardwood floors so appealing.

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Buffing and Re-coating wood floors

A buff and re-coat is considerably less costly and time consuming than doing a complete sand and refinish!  

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Buffing and Re-Coating

The phrase “screen and re-coat­” really describes the process of sprucing up an existing coat of polyurethane by top-coating it.  As I mentioned, this is also sometimes referred to as “buff and coat” because the screen is often driven across the floor by a buffer. In order to get a new coat to adhere to the old one you must lightly abrade or ‘screen’ it.

Screens are also used under thick soft pads that further soften the cutting action of the screen. This is desirable because floor screening should only leave enough texture in the floor to allow a new coat of polyurethane to bond; screening should remove only a tiny fraction of the existing finish.

On the other hand… if you have dents, deep scratches, pet urine stains, pot-plant water damage, UV discoloration from rugs and furniture and greyed, worn out areas in your floors, then we recommend the only way to remove these – a traditional sand and refinish job

The buff and coat procedure should really be part of a regular hardwood maintenance program.  A buff and coat every 3 years or so (or more frequently for floors with hard use and heavy traffic) can greatly extend the life of your hardwood floor, as it will refresh the top layer of polyurethane.  If you let that protective coat deteriorate for too long, it will eventually expose bare wood to assaults from shoes, pet nails, liquid spills, and dirt/grit, causing damage that can only be repaired by sanding the whole floor.


So, every few years, well before the protective coat has grown too thin, it is best to refresh it with another coat. The critical word is “BEFORE.”  A floor has to be re-coated before you see damage. This is a difficult concept for a lot of people because they think they are wasting money top-coating what appears to be a floor in very good condition. And in regards to hardwood flooring especially, protection is always less costly than the damage that results from not having it! 


** This system  is  Dustless! We will leave you with a beautiful, protected hardwood floor without the mess!

** Family, Pet, and Environmentally Friendly! Advantage Flooring uses Eco-friendly products that are safe for children and pets. Avoid the noxious fumes that come with many refinishing products and service providers!

** It’s Economical! Save 50% or more versus traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing!

** Because of our Expertise! We can address any concerns regarding hardwood floor renewal, maintenance, cover protection, repair and installation!

If you are in Calgary, Chestermere, Strathmore, Bragg Creek, High River, Blackie, Nanton and area , we would be happy to advise you on whether or not your floor could benefit from a screen and re-coat, or if it requires a complete sanding procedure.   403 995 9779

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