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Hardwood Floors Repair & Maintenance by Advantage Hardwood Flooring Expert

For the past 35 years Advantage Hardwood has been rewarding people in Calgary with superior quality Calgary repair flooring services. You may think there’s no hope for the scratched and battered hardwood floor in your living room but we’ll prove you wrong.


Repair & Maintenance

Even with proper care your hardwood floor can become dull and worn. Areas of the floor with high traffic especially will need to be restored to former beauty. This is why we’re here!

repair wood floor in Calgary by Advantage Hardwood
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Our repair and maintenance flooring services include:

  • Removing stains

  • Fixing Floor Surface Damage- Scratches and buckling

  • Filling hug dents and scratches on the floor

  • Replacing planks that have been damage

  • Repairing squeaky wood floors

  • Stripping and refinishing hardwood floor

  • Refinishing faded hardwood floors

  • Large Hardwood Floor Repair - Wave new Hardwood Into Old - Feathering

  • Installing and Feathering Engineered Hardwood Floors

If you’re floor has another issue, we’ll be more than willing to help you rectify it. We're always willing to find a solution that works best for each customer. Customer satisfaction is principal to us and there’s nothing we dislike more than saying NO to our customers.

Flood & Hardwood Buckling

When water has come into contact with the hardwood floor either through a major flood or other cause the floor will likely buckle.

This buckling is caused by the hardwood floor absorbing the moisture, trying to expand and being constrained by the installation. When the floor is unable to expand horizontally there is only one other direction to move and that is up.

Repairs are possible depending on the degree of buckling and damage to the floor and the subfloor.

Worn and Abused Hardwood (Floor Damage)

If you live in a particularly old house, an industrial loft or a previous resident was an especially aggressive refinisher or had many pets, chances are good that your wood floors have suffered damage from the experience.

Depending on the nature of the damage, contamination, wear or just general condition, different remedies can be proposed and the floors could be brought back to a beautiful condition. In some cases the floor has deteriorated beyond restoration and complete or partial replacement may be necessary.


  • Leave the floor bare for at least two days before arranging any furniture onto it.

  • Lift furniture when arranging them, do not drag across the floor

  • Place felt pads on furniture legs to prevent them from scratching the floor

  • Wait at least a week before using water on the floor

  • Rugs should be left until the final coat of finish is applied to the hardwood, generally one month later.

  • Only use rugs with breathable rug pads to facilitate airflow between your hardwood floor and the rug.

  • It’s always best to place a mat at entrances and other areas with heavy traffic coming in and out

  • If you have pets, ensure that their nails are trimmed to prevent them from scratching the floor.  

As a part of our role as the #1 Calgary hardwood flooring company, we like to educate our customers on how to care for their hardwood floor. Hardwood floors will stay beautiful and last a lifetime once properly cared for and we want all our customers to have the best experience with their hardwood floors.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Hardwood Floor:


  • Clean your hardwood floor regularly with a microfiber dusting pad. This will prevent dirt and grit from building up and scratching the surface of the floor. Alternatively, you can use a soft bristle broom to remove existing dirt from the floor.

  • If you spill something onto your hardwood floor, use a damped towel to wipe it up immediately. Standing water or other spills may damage the wood and can dull the finish.

  • Use rugs as a protective shield if you have kids at home who may spill liquid and drop food onto the floor.

  • Install window covers to limit amount of sunlight touching your hardwood floor. Too much sunlight may cause the wood to lose its color.

  • Keep the humidity in your home to around 40% to prevent your hardwood floor from swelling, shrinking or cracking.


  • Steam cleaners may damage your hardwood floor and should not be used for cleaning purposes.

  • Do not use a mop wet with water on your hardwood floor.

  • Do not wax your hardwood floor with a urethane finish.

Need Hardwood Floors Repair Services in your Calgary Home or Office? 


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