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Re-Oiling for Hardwood Floors and Maintenance - Advantage Hardwood Calgary


The proper maintenance of oiled hardwood floors is very important for their long lasting and durability. Oiled floors require frequent re-oiling to maintain the sealant that protects the natural wood from damages.

Advantage Hardwood Calgary floor maintenance
Oiled wood floor Calgary by Advantage

Re-oiling for engineered, solid and parquet hardwood floors


While re-oiling is less complicated than sanding and finishing, it requires the same level of experience and care to ensure good results. Therefore, we do not recommend trying to re-oil your floors yourself, or if you are really keen, then may be try on a smaller area and see how it goes before applying it over all your floors.


Prevent your floor from drying out and cracking

In extreme cases, your floor can crack due to the lack of oil that it receives on a regular basis. Although this is only in extreme circumstances, it's important to be mindful about the necessity of regularly oiling your wood floor.

This is usually required every 12 to 20 months. Commercial floors are exposed to higher levels of foot traffic and therefore re-oiling is required more often. We would recommend re-oiling maintenance every 3-6 months.




What You Need To Know Before Your Book Re-Oiling Maintenance, Re-coating, Refresh of Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor re-oiling is a maintenance service and is only applicable for floors where the sealant has not worn out. It is a service to maintain the wood floor sealant and to create an extra protection. However, floors that have been badly damaged, scratched or that have areas where the sealant is completely worn out will not be applicable for re-oiling. In such case a complete sanding and resealing of wooden floors would be required. Therefore, regular re-oiling is very important to avoid sanding for as long as possible.


Ongoing maintenance

Any form of hardwood flooring requires maintenance. 

However, taking proper care of your oiled wood flooring means that you won’t need to re-sand and finish your floor too often. 

Maintaining anything is a great way to keep things looking great! Wood floors are no different... If you are unsure about your  hardwood floors, or have any questions on how to take care of  your hardwood floors, contact us, we’d love to help you out.

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