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Staircases are usually located in central areas of the home and experience high traffic, overtime they can begin to show signs of wear and tear. A beautiful staircase is highly desirable, so much so that it can be the selling point when buying a home. If you are wanting to sell your home or are looking to obtain that gorgeous staircase for yourself, Advantage Hardwood has you covered. 

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wood stairs in calgary

Just like a regular hardwood floor, hardwood stairs can be refinished, giving them a great new look. 

If your hardwood stairs were covered by carpet, your existing hardwood stairs have lots of scratches, or you just want to change the color to match your hardwood floors, resanding and finishing is the solution for you. If you decide to refinish or replace with unfinished wood tread, you will need to sand and finish your stairs to get the desired color and shine. 

* We provide custom hardwood stains that can be made to match or complement any of the existing hardwood stains in your Calgary home.

* Your staircase is one of the focal points of your home, most likely, so making sure the hardwood installation is done perfectly is a priority, and hiring a professional for the job is your best option. 

* We guarantee that all of our work will be more than satisfactory, and that you’ll be happy with the results. We can handle every aspect of the job, and we’ll make sure that it’s done with your tastes and your home in mind.

If you’re looking for hardwood stairs installation or refinishing in Calgary, call Advantage Hardwood at 403-995-9779, or fill out form SCHEDULE CONSULTATION

wood floor stairs refinishing in Calgary
red oak wood staircase
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