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Advantage Hardwood - the Importance of Not Following Trends with Hardwood Flooring

For most design updates and home remodels, it is important to know the current trends, especially if you want to sell your home in the near future. But hardwood floors are the exception. In fact, they advise not looking at trends when homeowners go shopping for new floors, because trends change faster than they will want to replace their floors.

Genuine hardwood is often an expensive flooring option, one you won't want to redo in five or six years. It is considered an investment in the home rather than just a design decision. Trends come and go, with many lasting only five years or even less before the next trend takes over. To replace hardwood floors that often would not make good financial sense. In fact, many people can install this type of flooring and expect it to last for the rest of their lives.

"You look in old homes that are over 100 years old, and the hardwood floors are still good.. "Why replace something that will outlast most homeowners?"

Depending on the thickness of the flooring, they can be sanded down and re-stained a different color multiple times. This allows the homeowner the option of going from a light wood to a dark shade and then back again if they want. Since they can change the look of the floor, they don’t have to worry about what is popular when they are shopping.

Many people choose a mid-tone wood that will work well with almost any design scheme. It is also not that difficult to lighten or darken it if they want to change the look in the future.

"It is a big project to sand down hardwood floors and stain them again," "It isn't a job you want to do every day, so pick something that will be timeless. Since the floor will be a long-term update, it is a good idea to think about it for a few days and work on other design elements to see how they blend together.

This advice is specific to hardwood floors because other flooring options that mimic the look of hardwood like laminate, luxury vinyl are not as durable. When selecting the look of those materials, one will want to account for what is in style. However, they will not add to the home’s value the way genuine hardwood does. When a person compares the length of time hardwood flooring lasts compared to other options, it becomes a more economical choice for many homeowners. They also do not have to worry about what is in style today or what will be in style tomorrow because hardwood floors never go out of style. For more info about hardwood flooring contact Advantage Hardwood in Calgary today 403 995 9779.

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