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Don’t Let Summer Sun Fade Your Hardwood Floors. Try These Tips Today!

Your hardwood floors are a big investment, but a wise one that can pay you back by providing years of beauty, and by adding substantially to the resale value of your home. Like any other home investment, they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. You choose cleaners specially formulated to preserve their finish, and keep water to a minimum in caring for them, but have you taken steps to protect them from the damage caused by sun exposure? The team at Advantage Flooring, Calgary has some tips to share on protecting your wood floors from the sun.

Too Much Sun = Major Fading for Your Wood Floors

Just as too much sun exposure can damage your skin, too much sunlight can also wreak havoc on your hardwood floors! Over time, sunlight can fade and discolor your floors, and even cause warping in more severe cases. To see if your floors are fading from the sun, pick a room with maximum sun exposure and lift the corner of a rug or a piece of furniture to assess the difference in color. This will show you just how much damage your floors have encountered from the sun.

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective steps you can take to prevent sun damage from occurring in the first place. Here’s a few tips on how to prevent the sun from fading your hardwood floors:

1. Close the Blinds: Too much sun can be a bad thing, which is why you should close blinds, shades or draperies during the daytime. If you currently don’t have window coverings, make this relatively inexpensive investment as soon as possible — your floors will thank you!

2. Consider Window Tinting: UV resistant tinted windows will also do the job. If you’re installing new windows, look seriously as this option. You can also have UV tinting applied to existing windows.

3. Try Landscaping Near Windows: Plant trees or shrubs in front of windows to help block the rays. (Bonus: They’ll also add beauty and interest to the outside of your house!)

4. Rotate Your Furniture: Doing this won’t completely stop sun damage, but it will help slow down the fading of furniture by balancing out the amount of time different areas are exposed to sun. An added benefit of rearranging is it will also bring new life to the room!

Too Late for Damage Control?

If your floors have already been damaged beyond repair, there’s no need to worry! The professionals at Advantage Flooring Calgary can bring your floors back to their original gleaming beauty.

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