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Are Your Wood Floors Wearing? Help Them Survive Another Year

Are your beloved hardwood floors looking a bit worse for the wear? If so, there are many steps you can take to keep your floors looking beautiful and help them survive longer. Try these tips from the experts at Advantage Hardwood to prevent further wear and tear.

Wipe Your Feet, Please!

Are you constantly concerned about kids, pets, and guests bringing in unwanted grime from outside?

Try using rugs and mats at the entrances to your home to eliminate bringing in the outside elements.

Whether it’s water, mud, dirt or debris, all these elements can cause damage to your hardwood floors, so it’s important to avoid them when you can.

Ditch the Shoes

While some homeowners feel awkward telling their guests to ditch their shoes at the door, we suggest, at the very least, encouraging your family to do so when they enter your home.

High heels and heavy shoes can not only cause dents and damage, but the debris you bring inside from your shoes can also cause scratches too! If anything, try to have guests wipe their feet when they enter to prevent debris build up.

Felt Pads Are Friends

Are you constantly sliding around and rearranging furniture? The legs on your dining room chairs, couches and tables can cause severe scratches to your hardwood floors over time.

Using felt pads on the bottom of any furniture feet can prevent those unsightly scratches and prolong the life of your floor immensely.

Clean up the water off hardwood floors. As we mentioned, dirt and debris tracked in from the outdoors can cause damage if left to linger. This is why regular sweeping and vacuuming are necessary to keep your hardwood floors looking great.

Wipe up the Water

Whether it’s being tracked in from the outdoors, or you forget to wipe up a small spill here or there, water will inevitably cause your floor’s finish to dull. But how will you mop?!

If you do mop, make sure it is with as little water as possible and be sure to go over them with a microfiber cloth to absorb any leftover moisture.

Choose the Right Cleaners

Many people don’t realize it, but certain cleaning solutions can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. When your floor does need a more detailed clean, make sure you use a cleaner appropriate for wood floors and always check with the manufacturer’s directions.

Are Your Hardwood Floors past the Point of No Return?

Do you think your floors are too worn and damaged for these tips to help? Call the experts at Advantage Hardwood Floors! Refinishing your hardwood floors can bring them back to their original shine and beauty.

Advantage Hardwood will repair any major areas of damage or wear, and finish your floor with your choice of stain and sealer, for a brand new looking floor, without the hassle of a complete new installation.

Protect the shine and beauty of your hardwood floor with the tips above, and if you decide they need more than a little TLC, trust Advantage Hardwood to restore your floor to its original luster. Give us a call at 403 995 9779 or schedule an appointment online today!

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