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Time to breathe new life into your old hardwood - PREFINISHED HARDWOOD FLOOR

We often have customers moving into new homes with pre-finished hardwood in some sections. Some don’t like the color, others don’t like the sheen (many pre-finished woods are glossy which is a dated look and shows scratches more).

So, can you and refinish pre-finished hardwood flooring?

The same equipment and process is used to refinish both site finished and pre-finished wood, although sanding pre-finished wood is bit more challenging and take a bit Pre-finished (or factory finished) vs. site finished wood has no impact on the structure, thickness or integrity of the wood. “Prefinished” simply means that it was it was finished in a factory prior to installation.

Generally yes, if it’s solid hardwood

Can you eliminate the bevels when you refinish pre-finished floors?

Can you remove the bevels when sanding factory finished hardwoods? Usually, most of the bevels on pre-finished floors will be removed during the sanding process, assuming the bevels (sometimes called v grooves) are not that thick. The sanding will (as the name implies) sand off the top layer and hence most of the bevels will be removed. However, if the bevels are really deep (and I occasionally see these especially on the older pegged floors), the sanding will not fully eliminate them.

One issue with some pre-finished floors is how well the installation was done. Sometimes, do-it-yourselfers and handyman attempt to install site-finished floors, and there are gaps between boards as the board aren’t as tight as they should be. And sometimes, there will be gaps against the walls (although often these can be fixed by adding shoe molding or quarter round).

Please understand that when floors are sanded and refinished, the installers are working with what’s there and they are not miracle works and cannot correct poor installation, gaps that are too large or super thick or deep bevels or v-grooves.

Advantage Hardwood can help you determine if your floor is in need of this process. If you would like us to bring your hardwood floors back to their original life, contact us at 403 995 9779..

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