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Calgary, Okotoks and area...Should I refinish hardwood floors before selling?

Consider Refinishing Hardwood Floors to Add Value Before Selling

As you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ll probably look around at what needs to be fixed, renovated or patched up to appeal to the best buyers. If your home has scuffed and roughed hardwood floors, you may want to consider some light (or heavy) refinishing on your hardwood floors to make it more presentable.It is always best to do as much as you can to impress the buyers. Generally, the less they have to do, the better.

1. If you have hardwood underneath the carpet, rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood. If funding is limited or if this is too inconvenient to do, then consider refinishing the wood for some of the areas/rooms to at least show that you have hardwood and what it looks like. This is often one of the smartest investments you can make to sell your house. It will make a HUGE difference and is well worth the investment. It will make your home look nicer, often it will make it look larger and it will improve the value.

Do not replace with new carpet. This will cost you more and will be less appealing to home buyers in Calgary, Okotoks, Nanton and area.

2. If you have hardwood that is badly scratched up, sand and refinish it. If your hardwod floor is not in good condition, it will usually be worth it to sand and refinish it. This will make your hardwood look good as new and show your home at its best. Alternatively, if you don't refinish the floors, your house won't show as well + the new owners will need to refinish the floors...and they will factor this cost into the purchase price. I'd recommend (when you can), to refinish it before your house goes on the market...since you will pay for it one way or another, and it makes sense (in my opinion), to refinish them and have your house look its best so it will sell faster.

Every house/community is different, as is the ability to spend to fix up your home. We recommend that you consult your real estate agent and/or stager for advice. We understand that when you are selling your house, you want to spend the least amount of money for the highest return.If you have hardwood floors (rather than carpet), your house will generally sell for a higher value and sell faster. Any real estate agent will confirm this...after all, this is what buyers are looking for..

For more info about refinishing your hardwood floor please contact Advantage Hardwood at 403 995 9779. Serving Calgary, Okotoks, Nanton, Millarville, Bragg Creek, Priddis, Turner Valley and area)

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