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Top 10 Reasons to buy Site Finished Flooring vs. Pre-finished Flooring

10. Hygienic – Site finished has no germ collecting bevels, stuff can really grow between your flooring. Even small bevels are still bevels.

9. Cleaning – Site finished floor is smooth and thereby much easier to keep clean.

8. Sound – Run a vacuum, a child’s toy or even pull out a chair over a pre-finished floor. “Tick, Tick, Tick”

7. Design Choices – So many more colors and gloss options. Make your floor yours……not just like the neighbors.

6. ECO – Yes, all solid hardwood floors are renewable and carbon neutral, but only unfinished products save you from a “Factory Finisher” that can out gas drying agents like the oxides that are said to be added for durability…….yet are actually effective drying agents for the factory.

5. Site finished floors are less likely to chip.

4. Site finishes dry faster than ever, allowing more coats.

3. Only site finished floors are 100% sealed.

2. Value – huge difference, ask any appraiser. A site finished floor adds far more value to your home that Pre-finished.

1. Looks – Anyone can see the difference and you will know. So do it once and do it right.

For more info about site-finished hardwood flooring call Advanatge Hardwood Flooring today 403 995 9779 (Calgary,Okotoks and area)

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