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SANDING OR REPLACING – WHAT TO DO WITH THE OLD WOOD FLOOR? Advantage Hardwood Floor Refinishing -Cal


In the past and still to this date many people decide to replace their wooden flooring by the first (or more in depth) signs of wear and tear, imperfections and damages. People often asking for the price of new materials and the charges of the lifting of the old and installing of the new materials in their home or working place. Well, before starting to explain the details to them, we often ask why don’t they get a professional inspection from experts and see if their floor actually doesn’t have the potential to look like a brand new with the help of the sanding services. And then we often get asked what sanding stands for. Hardwood floor Sanding is the treatment, which will change the life of your old and tired floor, often the best solution recommended! Here is more about the service.

Well, yes, wood, as everything on this planet, is not everlasting and experiences some changes, often imperfections. Although no one purchases wooden floor with the intention it will last to the end of the life, quicker wear and tear and some damages often surprise us. It is recommended to be informed about the main damage causers when owning a wooden floor in order to be able to prevent the floor and mantain it properly, so be sure to ask for a professional advice. However, no matter how strict you are with your maintenance routine, wood floors sooner or later will start suffer some changes. This is not a reason for replacing them, however. In most of the cases even very old, damaged and distressed wooden floors could live their Renaissance again with the help of the sanding treatment.

Sanding is the professional process of removing the finer imperfections from the surface, including scratches, small non-structural gaps, marks and stains, dirt, discoloration, worn finish build-ups and more. Combined with the sealing and staining procedures after, your floor will not only look better than the original condition, showing a great color contrast, smooth and sleek surface and glossy and clean finish, but also will experience a long-lasting durability and protection to serve you for decades more.

However, not every hardwood floor can be sanded, even if you hire the most experienced and skilled professionals in the field. Some floors are in really poor condition due to different reasons, which lead to broken and cracked, or even missing planks and major issues in general. In that case sanding can’t handle the size of the problem and replacing is probably your only solution. Well, there is always an option – if the floor suffers issues only in certain spots, spot repairs and replacement is also an alternative. However, if hardwood floor is destroyed for the most part, or is sanded way too many times in the past, be sure to start considering a new flooring. No matter if it comes to replacing and sanding, both options give the opportunity to enjoy a new look and total transformation. Be sure to consider them if you want that change.

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