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About Staining

Staining is only one part of the hardwood floor refinishing process, but it can have the biggest impact on the appearance of your floors. Staining is an excellent way to change the look of hardwood flooring without losing the natural beauty and character of the wood floors. When considering refinishing your floors, you may decide to restore them back to their natural state. In that case no stain would be needed since the sanding and finish coats will make your floors as good as new. In other cases staining is essential in order to drastically change the aesthetic feel in your home.

Staining Process

So now that you picked a color that works for you. What’s involved in changing your floor to that color? Unfortunately, unlike painting you cannot simply apply stain over the existing hardwood. Similar to the process of refinishing any hardwood floor, staining first calls for the removal of the existing finish on your floor. All traces of your old hardwood floor finish must be sanded off until you get down to the original wood grain. Following that an extensive and scrupulous sanding procedure must be followed. Once complete, the floors are ready to accept stain and the staining process can begin.

We at Advanatge Hardwood are proud to be able to make custom stains for our clients.

There are many combinations of stains that we can experiment with to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your decision, and our specialist will create a pallet of different stains for you to see on your wood floor. Innovation is a core value of our company and we are continuously working in our lab creating and exploring new color, finish and texture techniques.

eco friendly staining

Please Note: Stain colors can vary. If you want to stain your floors, we ask that you narrow your choices down to a few colors. We will then make samples out of the exact wood type that you have. This allows us to illustrate how a particular stain will look on your floor.

If you think you would be interested in getting a custom stain done on your floors give Advantage Hardwood a call at 403 995 9779 and we would be more than happy to come by and help you pick out a stain that’s right for you.

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