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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors in 2019

There’s no argument that hardwood floors make an upscale statement in the home. They not only add value, but they offer tons of options in style and functionality. While the benefits are plenty, there are a few specifics we favor here at Advantage Hardwood, Calgary. Take a look at our top five reasons to choose hardwood floors in 2019. 1. Healthy Living Over 50 percent of the Canadian population suffers from some type of allergy, and the most common allergens live right in the home. Floors, especially carpeted ones, are typically a haven for all sorts of allergens and germs ranging from dropped food, tracked-in dirt, pet dander, and even chemicals. Hardwood flooring is one of the healthiest

Advantage Hardwood - the Importance of Not Following Trends with Hardwood Flooring

For most design updates and home remodels, it is important to know the current trends, especially if you want to sell your home in the near future. But hardwood floors are the exception. In fact, they advise not looking at trends when homeowners go shopping for new floors, because trends change faster than they will want to replace their floors. Genuine hardwood is often an expensive flooring option, one you won't want to redo in five or six years. It is considered an investment in the home rather than just a design decision. Trends come and go, with many lasting only five years or even less before the next trend takes over. To replace hardwood floors that often would not make good financial

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