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Water Damage to Your Hardwood Floors: Repair or Replace?

Hardwood floor repair professionals serving Calgary, Chestermere, Okotoks and area Water Damage to Your Hardwood Floors: Repair or Replace? Water is the natural enemy of every hardwood floor. You do everything you can to stay on top of spills, but you can’t control everything, and now the worst has happened! Your once gleaming hardwood floor has been damaged by water! What Does Water Do to a Hardwood Floor? Wood is an organic material that can only resist the effects of water for a short time. That’s why expediency is key to preventing damage from occurring. But sometimes, things happen that you can’t plan for. For example, you’re away on vacation and while you’re lying on a beach soaking up

FAQ: Can You Match My Hardwood Floors?

FAQ: Can You Match My Hardwood Floors? Say you’re wanting to extend your hardwood flooring from one room to the next, or fix damaged floors in one specific room of your house. The question is, can you do it seamlessly and still maintain the same look throughout your home? The answer is yes! Advantage Hardwood has several ways we can match your new hardwood flooring to your existing wood flooring without a trace! But before we explain how, we’re answering your frequently asked questions regarding this task. Will It Be Difficult? Depending on the age of your floor, matching your existing floor can be difficult, but nonetheless, it is possible. Newer hardwood is easier to match than older hardw

Protect your hardwoods from holiday decorations - Calgary, Advantage Hardwood

Hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to your home. Keep them fresh during the winter months with these crucial tips Protect hardwoods from holiday decorations Hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to your home. This is especially true during the winter months when the air is dry, and snow and ice begin to make their way inside.n order to maintain their beauty, they need to be cared for properly. Here are a few winter tips for keeping your hardwood floors fresh and beautiful from the experts at Advantage Hardwood! Gapping Between Boards You might notice some gaps appearing between your hardwood floor boards, and that they tend to get wider as the weather gets colder. The reason for this is t

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