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Top 10 Reasons to buy Site Finished Flooring vs. Pre-finished Flooring

10. Hygienic – Site finished has no germ collecting bevels, stuff can really grow between your flooring. Even small bevels are still bevels. 9. Cleaning – Site finished floor is smooth and thereby much easier to keep clean. 8. Sound – Run a vacuum, a child’s toy or even pull out a chair over a pre-finished floor. “Tick, Tick, Tick” 7. Design Choices – So many more colors and gloss options. Make your floor yours……not just like the neighbors. 6. ECO – Yes, all solid hardwood floors are renewable and carbon neutral, but only unfinished products save you from a “Factory Finisher” that can out gas drying agents like the oxides that are said to be added for durability…….yet are actually effective

SANDING OR REPLACING – WHAT TO DO WITH THE OLD WOOD FLOOR? Advantage Hardwood Floor Refinishing -Cal

SANDING OR REPLACING – WHAT TO DO WITH THE OLD WOOD FLOOR? In the past and still to this date many people decide to replace their wooden flooring by the first (or more in depth) signs of wear and tear, imperfections and damages. People often asking for the price of new materials and the charges of the lifting of the old and installing of the new materials in their home or working place. Well, before starting to explain the details to them, we often ask why don’t they get a professional inspection from experts and see if their floor actually doesn’t have the potential to look like a brand new with the help of the sanding services. And then we often get asked what sanding stands for. Hardwood


While unfinished solid wood is the backbone of how the hardwood floor industry got started, prefinished solid floors have gained lots of momentum. More and more it seems that customers are preferring to choose prefinished over unfinished. But what are the features that make each type of flooring unique? Here’s a rundown of the basics for each type of hardwood floor. Pros and cons of unfinished hardwood flooring Variety: When selecting unfinished floors there are unlimited options available. Oak, cherry, maple, pine, mahogany, and many other wood species are available for installation. And the variety is not limited to species; with unfinished flooring, you can completely customize the floor.


Why install unfinished hardwood flooring instead of prefinished floors? Prefinished flooring is the perfect option for homeowners who need a very quick installation, or those who would like to convert a non-climate controlled environment into a living space (PFE). Prefinished flooring is also much easier to install than floors that have to be site-sanded. Whether it’s a click-lock prefinished engineered flooring, or a solid prefinished red oak, you barely have to do anything to it––you essentially click it into place or nail it up, and the floors are ready for immediate use. But there are certain benefits to installing unfinished hardwood floors, too: You can customize unfinished floors to t

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