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Advantage Hardwood - With 30 years of hard work in everyday hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services, we confidently claim our prime position as a leading Calgary flooring company. During these years we have renovated the floors of thousands of homes and many businesses have relied on us with expectations for no compromise to durability and quality within short turn around.

Sanding floors is a craft that takes a while to master. This art of transforming the look of rusty boards or 100-years-old hardwood floor into an elegant, new feature and the excitement it brings to our clients, feels great. That's our biggest reward.


We are using the top of the line hardwood sanding equipment, from leading brands, and we doing our best to remain updated with the latest technology and develops in the wood floor industry. 

Having your hardwood floors refinished is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the look of your home. There’s no easier way to not only improve the beauty of your home, but also preserve its value. 


Here are a few of the most common reasons why customers decide to have their hardwood flooring refinished:

  • Hardwood flooring is completely worn and have deep scratches

  • Decided to remove carpet or linoleum and want the hardwood floors underneath refinished

  • Want to change the color of the hardwood flooring

  • Protect your hardwood floor from further damage

  • Give your house a more elegant look
















Sanding and refinishing the your hardwood floors means that we sand all of the finish off of the existing floor and remove approximately 1/32″ of wood. Most 3/4″ hardwood flooring can be sanded up to six times, as long as a professional hardwood flooring and refinishing company sands the floor each time it’s needed. Hardwood floors should last 100-150 years, making them the longest lasting value for the home that can be purchased if cared for by a professional team.

For those with existing hardwood, sanding and refinishing the floors is a great way to revitalize an old floor. Hardwood refinishing and Sanding is the best way to revitalize a floor, mainly because it is inexpensive, and the results turn out beyond expectation!

Hardwood can usually be sanded down multiple times and refinished with sealing coats of polyurethane, or water-based varnish. The sanding brings out the original beauty in the wood, while the varnish seals and protects the floor, providing a long lasting finish. During this process, you can choose to completely change the look of your floors by staining them almost any shade imaginable. We offer different types of stain to our customers, but can also create custom stains if you are looking for something unique. The refinishing and staining process is the best way to make your floors look and feel like new. If your floors are being sanded, finished or refinished on site, you need to be prepared for some noise and disruption.


Lastly, we’ll ensure that your hardwood floor is protected from any potential wear and tear while adding to its beauty. You can choose from a variety of high gloss or low luster finishes, whatever will complement the interior your building’s interior. Finishing is one of the most important steps in the refinishing process. It’s like added the icing to a cake. We use the highest quality odorless finishes with extra low VOC.

Cost to refinish hardwood floors?

Great question! Like our other services, the cost depends on many factors: square footage of the area needing refinishing, the type of wood.. etc. To give you an accurate quote, we first meet with you to learn what you need and how you want your hardwood floor(s) to look.


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