Hardwood floors speak of wealth, class and your influence as a leader in your field. You will find that five-star restaurants, boutiques, and bars favor the look of hardwood flooring because it conveys luxury and exclusivity. Make one singular impression with the professional services we offer as a commercial floor refinishing company. Enhance your space and unlock its full potential!

What matters most in any business situation is the presentation. Polished hardwood floors give every business a classic, professional look. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, café, office or a store – a well-maintained hardwood floor takes your business to the next level

Commercial hardwood floor refreshing & refinishing services; commercial flooring refreshing services

  • Retail shop floor

  • Office / business centre

  • Community Centre Floors

  • Hotels

  • Dance Floors

  • Museums

  • Nightclubs, Public Houses and Bars




Floor Maintenance Contracts

Commercial flooring receives a lot of wear but it needs to look it’s best at all times. Scheduled maintenance will help protect your floor and make it last longer.

Most commercial clients don’t realise that once a hardwood floor has been installed or renovated it is very important to keep it maintained – especially on high traffic areas. We offer ongoing maintenance contracts to commercial clients. For an average commercial high traffic area we would return to the premises between every 12-18 months to screen the floor and apply a freshen-up coat which extends the life of the floor before it needs another re-sand.

Advantage Hardwood is aware that most businesses can’t undertake these kind of works in normal working hours so we are happy to arrange on site maintenance over night or weekends.